Peer-to-Peer Support for R+ Canine Professionals

We provide free peer-to-peer support and other resources for canine professionals committed to working with animals without the need to use fear, force, pain or intimidation.

We support R+ canine professionals to create a life from which they do not need to escape from. (Photo credit: Bleudog Fotography)

About the Phenix Advocacy Center

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
― Immanuel Kant

Canine professionals have had incredible opportunities for decades to learn the science behind training dogs. We endorse modern science that acknowledges that dogs have emotions and that they live happier lives with positive reinforcement training. Our advocacy center provides what has always been missing in the industry: a safe place for professionals to gather to support each other and to learn about well-being from one another. We are here to provide peer-to-peer support for R+ canine professionals. Our volunteer team has undergone professional training and we are ready to offer our support and collective wisdom.

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R+ canine professionals are no strangers to being harassed and bullied online.

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Anyone working with animals can be faced with enormous amounts of stress.

Dog News from Around the World

We look at media of interest for R+ canine professionals.